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The Doctor's Management System
on the windows environment provides a user-friendly, menu driven, computer solution which contains features to make the most complex and ever changing medical accounting / administrative functions easy to perform and follow up. Those tasks that hold back the production of your office, given the amount of labor involved, will be automated for promptness, accuracy, as well as security. The package has been designed with enough flexibility to meet the special needs of your practice, and adapt to it, rather than have your office adapt to the software package.

The Doctor's Management System has been designed to streamline the practice, in order to avoid redundant paperwork, provide a well-organized collection system, and generate management reports, which would otherwise have taken months to produce, quickly and accurately. While the request for this information is very simple, you have the capacity of controlling who has access to what, by way of our sophisticated password security control system. Further, this powerful solution, as you will find, will assist you in improving your office cash flow, as advanced computer technology to revise your claims prior to submission, the same technology being utilized by insurance companies, to scrutinize your claims, will be employed prior to submission, thus reducing your rejection ratio, and consequently improving your office cash flow.

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