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1. How come an insurance claim form did not print, even when it met the criteria requested for printing?

Refer to the section labeled Insurance Processing, the section noted, Reasons why an insurance form will not print.

2. The statement for a patient or patients did not print, even when it met criteria requested for Refer to the section labeled Patient Statement, Reasons Why an Statement will not Print.

3. The statement for a patient or patients with balance of 0.00, or balance below the minimum amount requested for billing, printed. Why did that happen?

Make sure that when the minimum billing amount was entered it included no special symbols, such as: $, or the letter O in lieu of the number 0.

Make sure that the statement activity date, has a date in the future. Otherwise, you are telling the system to print a statement for any patient who had activity after the date thereby requested; regardless of the patient's balance. Thus, overriding the minimum balance criteria requested.

4. Does the main system or file server need to be on in order for the other work station to function?

Yes, the main system or file server must be on in order for your other stations to have accessed to the information therein stored. As the main file server is the one which houses the hard disk where our Doctor's Management System program are stored, as well as your patient information.

5. How do I turn off the system?

Multi User: If your office has a network; that is, has more than one station you must follow the following steps.

(STEP 1): Take all the users out of the system's main menu. This is accomplished by pressing the escape at the main menu of each station, and answering Yes to the question, Do you want to leave the Medical Management System?

(STEP 2): Go to the main server, take it out of the main menu by following the fore captioned step. At which time you should be at the DOS prompt, BCSMED>. At this point type the word console nd press enter, you will see the following prompt, <:> , next to said type the word down and press enter. The system will display one of two messages, Novel ELS network has been shut down. In this event simply turn off all of the mechanical components.

However, in the event that your message is as follows: There is an open job, do you want to shut down the network? Always reply NO. This means that one of your job was not properly exited to DOS prior to executing the console: down command, this being the case if you shut down the system, without properly exiting said job, you might loose information entered. Therefore, you must first determine the work station not properly exited, Bring it up to the main menu and exit in the proper fashion, then proceed with the down command once more time.

6. What if your main server is locked, not working at all due to some failure, and you need to restart in order to continue using it?

In this event exit all of the work stations out to DOS as previously instructed. From one of the work stations already at the DOS prompt type the following command.

FCONSOLE and press <ENTER>.

The system will display a Menu from which you are to select the choice labeled DOWN FILE SERVER.

Once you have done this you may turn off the file server and properly restart the entire system, inclusive work stations.

7. May I shut down or turn off a work station or a file server while it is processing a task requested, or while it is in a program menu?.

"NO". If you need to exit from any job in progress, you may do so by simultaneously pressing the following keys:

<ALT> and the letter C.

The system will then locate the place where it may cancel the task requested without affecting any data, and exit to DOS. To bring the menu back up type the word, MED.

If the system is at a menu, not processing any task, you need to take it out to DOS as previously explained before you may turn it off. Remember, if this is the file server, you must first exit all the jobs or work stations out to DOS, do a console: down command, before you turn the server off.

Single User:
When your office has only one input station. Make sure to take the system out of the main menu. This you accomplish by pressing the <ESC> escape key while at the main menu, and replying Yes to the question, Do you want to leave the Medical Package.

Once you are out of the main menu, simply turn the components off.
Please note that you can never turn a system off while it is in the medical package.

8. Can I place service calls from any input station, at my office?
"NO" You may only place service calls from the computer that has the modem connected to it. This is because this program requires the utilization of the modem in order to submit or dial said information into our on-line computer systems.

Refer to the section of this manual labeled hardware checks prior to placing a service call, for items you should verify prior to placing a hardware service call. Also you will find a section there which discloses the various reasons why your system might be unable to communicate with our.

9. What happens when a payment (patient or insurance) is received to pay on several sequence numbers or patient date of services. Do I have to enter said several times, or can I do one entry and split the amounts, accordingly?

"YES", you may only do one posting entry, and split or organize the amounts, accordingly. To accomplish this enter the word <AUTO> on the field position requesting the apply to sequence number. When you do this, immediately after you answer Yes to the Done prompt, the system will commence displaying the patient's services in order of aging. At this time you may enter the appropriate amount to apply to each sequence number, in accordance to what is being paid.

10. Can we use the other stations, while a system or daily backup is being done?

"NO". While the backup function is in process all of the files correspondent to the Medical solution, programs and data, are locked. This is, due to the fact that a closing point has to be established in order for the system to be able to detect the end of any file. In addition, if you have a networking environment; that is, a multi user solution, you must assure that all the other jobs or work stations have been properly exited out to the DOS prompt; otherwise, you will obtain file errors while backing up.

Refer to the section of this manual labeled Backup Processing for specifics as to how to backup your system.

11. How do we place a service call?

For information on how to place a service call refer to the section of this manual labeled Placing Service Calls. If you are having problems establishing the modem communication, refer to the section of this manual labeled frequently asked user questions, for more information as to what may be causing the condition.

12. What do I do in the event that a new administrative concept is introduced to the Medical Field for which the package does not provide handling?

Document in as much detail as possible the new concept and submit it to us through the place a service call function of the system. Once your call has been acknowledged we will research it, and if it entails a meaningful change to the package it would be performed, at no extra charge, and would be made available in our next software release.

Note: To obtain the new release, at no charge, your office must be on software support with our company.

13. If A/R report total amount dues do not match the sum of all the columns?

You may have answered "N" to the question that says show patient balance. Also the report has 2 final total columns. The next to last column displays the patients account balance as of today. The very last column displays the balance of the patient account as per the total as of the cut-off date. It is important that you interpret this information correctly in order to properly analyze this report.

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